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<nettime> more repression in Italy = thought crime

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'Mental Participation': anti-globalisation protestors arrested for

Amongst the 23 anti-globalisation protestors questioned and arrested today
in Italy there are some who are accused not of acts of violence but of
'mental participation' ('compartecipazione psichica') and 'pscyhological
support' [in the Genova actions].

In the paper that orders the arrest, judge Elena Dalosio writes: 'it's
clear that not only those who materially took part in the devastation
should be prosecuted, but also those facilitated the acts or gave strength
to their purpose. These people should be prosecuted even if they didn't
conduct any material act.'

'This is a case', the judge writes, 'of very serious resistance, with the
aim of disturbing police intervention. The behaviour of those who were on
the scene of the riots, together with the most violent ones, gave strength
to these people by their very presence. Their acts were not crime in
themselves, but aided the criminal intentions of the others with their
moral support."

 - -  from "La Repubblica" newspaper

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The noglobal protesters who had been arrested in Cosenza two weeks
ago have 
been released. They were accused of subversion.
The same day of their liberation, 22 people in various Italian cities
been arrested. They are accused of illegal actions against the State
the Genova antiG8 demonstrations.

One should remember that in Genova the police killed a young man,
Giuliani. The police who shot the boy has been acquitted some days
One shold also remember that in Genova the police destroyed the
locals of 
the Mediacenter, and brutally assaulted young men and women.

Is the Italian mafialike regime turning fascist?

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