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Max h3lder en hotmail.com
Jue Nov 7 08:29:02 CET 2002

Thanks for the advice "merce en qrn.es"

I didn't expect this list to be as rigid as it is but I guess that's
just the way it is and it's just the way its members want it to be. I
guess I wished it to be as Linux: Free and with no commitments.

It's my first time active participation in a "Linux user group" or
whatever you want to call it (hackteam, lug, dreanteam).

I've been "using" Linux since 95 (started with Slackware but soon I
found an easier way to install Linux. Prefer Redhat since then but
always doing some experiments with other distrs (tried "Euruliec" or
something like that once too).

Unfortunately never used Linux as my solo operating system... since then
Linux as evolved a lot but there are still certain things I can't do
with it - Can but not exactly the same way and for that reason ending
with a different final result.

I'm glad Linux is growing fast and spreading at the same speed. I intent
a permanent move towards Linux. Don't ask when because I don't know.
When I feel the right time came for sure.

[Some people don't believe Linux needs a migration bridge... I do!]


PS: Who got RedHat8? I need a sample... who can get one free burn for
me? Thanx.

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On 06/11/02 ~ at 11:26 ~ h3lder en hotmail.com wrote:

> 2. I too have an account in hotmail (and I don't pay anything for it -
> it's free as you all know). If you explain to me why I should not have
> it in a logical way I will stop using it.

> 4. I'm not an "infiltrado" either (who are they? What's there

<flame on>
debes  entender  que  te  has  metido  en una lista de nazis: nazis de
linux,  de  tener que hacer reply-to-all para responder a la lista, de
no poder hablar de windows ni en los hackmeetings ni casi en la lista,
de  que  todo  lo  que  digas  y  hagas  deba  ser  freesoft-izquierda
desunida-politicamente-correcto o sino ya saldra alguien a decirte que
te  calles  y,  ahora  me  entero, de que no puedas enviar mails desde
hotmail  porque a hotmail lo espian y al resto no, bajo pena de que te
insulten  y  desmerezcan  un  curro que no creo hayan tenido tiempo de
comprobar si es veridico o no.

por  ahi corria alguien con la signature: dime de lo que presumes y te
dire de lo que careces. Libertad, apertura, hackers...
<flame off>

con carinyo, que esta esto aburridillo

"Mirame, soy provisional"
El Ultimo de la Fila

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