[hackmeeting] Hactivist.com AKA the Carbon Defense League

HACTIVIST nathan en hactivist.com
Mar Sep 24 09:38:02 CEST 2002


I have been in recent conversation with  David from RunLEVEL Zero who I
assume is associated with sindominio. Actually, depending on who I am
sending this to, I was told you folks are friends of RTMark as well. I share
space with both RTMark and the Institute for Applied Autonomy as part of a
Tactical Media Lab here in NY in the US. I very greatly want to come and
participate in the HackMeeting in Madrid in a few weeks. It looks fantastic.
I would like to present a concept of Parasitic Media as a form of Tactical
Media and revolt. Parasit media for us takes the form of latching ourselves
on to existing communication systems and feeding from their pre-existing
amplification of voice. This takes the form of projects such as our parasite
pay phone protester and wireless mapping system or even our older GameBoy
work. While many of our newer projects are not available on the site, there
are some examples of past work at www.hactivist.com. I would like to speak
as an anonymous member of the Carbon Defense League / Hactivist.com. I am
the founder of the collective which has existed since 1997. Last year I cam
through spain and performed live on Radio Bronka in Barcelona with a kid
named Kike. I saw that you list the Radio Bronka collective as a sort of
associate of sindominio. What I ideally would need to make the trip, and if
you have desire to have me there is an indication of my talk and discussion
(which unfortunately will have to be in english with translation) on your
website (this is for the purpose of me receiving $200 US towards my plane
ticket from the Tactical Media Lab) and I would also like to see if it is
possible; this si what Daniel is finding out for me I believe, to get some
sort of financial help like between $100 and $200 US and I will pay the rest
of my costs.

If there is interest at all in having me come and represent our collective,
then I guess we can talk further about exactly what I will be presenting. I
hope this can come together and I apologize for it being so last minute. I
have to buy a plane ticket in the next week if I am coming so I appreciate a
prompt reply.

Thanks in advance,

troy  |  ann arbor  |  melbourne  |  london  |  new york city  |  pittsburgh
|  spain

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