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Vie Sep 27 00:06:17 CEST 2002

A ver, yo voy a intentar estar alli, de todas maneras, alguien podria
estar seguro para recogerle? llega el viernes 4 por la mañana.

Del resto que comenta... de donde sacamos un video ntsc????
alguna idea?


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I would request someone meet me at the airport. I arrive on Friday morning
at 9:25 AM on Continental Flight 62 from Newark, NJ USA.

I am attaching a pic so you roughly know what I look like.

For the presentation - what A/V equipment do i have access to? A Projector?
A computer? VHS NTSC player?

I think what I mainly will need is a VHS NTSC Player and a projector of some
sort with a PC to play a cdrom or powerpoint thing.

thanks so much


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