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máis sobre i+k

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having a 10 days summercamp is unfortunately not a good idea, imho,
because that was exactly the focus that failed. even a 3days_THK +
7days_(i) sounds excessive to me (in the current state of the art

I think starting with a couple of (i) related workshops and one or
two (i)-topics  speciallized meetings in the context of the THK in that
small, fractal, spontaneous,
self-organized way is a positive and constructive effective way to face
both the indymedia limitations and the way to formulate the
integration in the THK avoiding mistaked crossovers.

If as a result of such rizomatic and reticular common work we
find a *lot* of people interested in organizing a big indy thing in
pula, we can start to think in a 3+n event there, where "n" is a number
between zero and the previously acknowledged Monteparadiso people
patience limit. 

as there are power suply, we will not have to violate any patent to
provide ourselves with wireless electrical floid, so I think nothing
illegal is needed to commit that :)

On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 08:40:38PM +0200, Null wrote:
> Cyril wrote:
> >Hehe that little (i) caught my eyes :)
> >Hi all goodwill people...
> >I'm part of the paris imc, it's so good to see this appear in here,
> >means that (i) is reaching out...
> >There's actually a project for an (i) international meeting in august
> >(croatia was favored at some time), but the organization of it is kinda
> >stuck at the moment, apparently a problem of coordinating energies (not
> >that much energy either). So maybe it can be rekicked?
> > 
> >
> I was present at an irc meeting on the subject, and I remain of the 
> opinion that I expressed there. There is no sense that few people try to 
> organize a global indy meeting on their own, and then are surprised they 
> do not manage to motivate people. Indymedia is a network, and cant be 
> united so simply in one place/time. If there ever should be an indy 
> global meeting, it will need be something like hackit - horizontal, 
> autoorganized, surprising, free. But it will be a fruit of a long 
> process, of creating global indy tools that will make the global indy 
> network possible, much more then exists now.
> But something small, autoorganized, informal, fractal and free, might 
> theoretically come up:)) (not a global indy summercamp!!! not continue 
> with the same project!!!!!!!!!!)
> >The present problem of the (i) network is it's growing politics inside,
> >some people trying to get famous or elected, or securing their
> >"position", that sort of things  :(  Many good people though, who are
> >doing their best. They sure need support...
> > 
> >
> Could be.
> Either way the only road against these kind of figures is 
> autoorganization and horizontality, and not asking funds.
> When there is no functions, people who want functions wont come.
> When there is no power, people who want power will stay away.
> When there is no money, people who want money want be attracted.
> When there is work, autoorganization, collaboration, creativity, people 
> who want that will show up.
> null
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