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ahí os va esto: que si nos juntamos la penha de la i con la penha de la
k en pula


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Subject: euro ((( i ))) meeting in the THK context
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 20:17:52 +0200
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hi: this message follows those related to the hacking attitude like
social or media hacking.

hacklabs are currently, imho, the most important joint point between the
technology and the 'traditional' social movements like feminism,
ecologism, squatting and so with very deep impact in the evolution or
our civilization. the 'lab' tends to be a social center, usually
squatted, where we can locate the physicall elements -hardware, power
suply ;), inet link and so- to do our work/game interacting and
transforming technology mathematical abstractions in communication tools
that can improve our local but also global social justice transformation

Indymedia is one example of such succesfull communication processes
between hackers and social activism. Beeing a decentralized network is
probably the strongest point of its construction, but the absence of any
common physicall space -more accurately defined as the 'world' itself
:)- is a problem when trying to organize something so theoretically
trivial to other social instances like a 'meeting'. We can move a ball
in any n-dimension space, but we can't find the umbrella in when it
rains in our 3-dimensional neighbourhood. This is what happened to the
people who tryed to organize a transnational indymedia summercamp to
re-process and share our experiences and perspectives. After months of
hard work organizing a full-sized meeting we found that we need to
re-adjust the dimension of that event to made it possible, associating
it with any other. Two were considered: the PGA at the end of july and
the THK itself. Due the good position next to the east-europe countryes
and as many of the people involved in this THK is involved
also in one or more Indymedia's CMI wich are very closed to some
HackLabs wich are also present here, some people thought a good way
to make posible this meeting is to better do the things with the THK.

My question is to Monteparadiso people: is it
possible to have that Indymedia meeting there physically (connected in
space and time) with the THK?

And there is a question to the wide THK list: are we interested in doing
something coordinated between the THK and Indymedia? 

I think it can improve feedback and resources in all sides.

Don't know how, perhaps starting the Indymedia meeting at the end of the
THK and extending it in the next week can be a posibility, or perhaps
joining and moisturing the two events can be a good idea... something
like an inter-change between the social communication experiences from
the Indymedia and the tech ones from the HackLabs? Things like
censorship, social control methods, free software and democracy,
patents, cypher algorithms/ software and so are things related to all
us... well, I'll wait for your answers.

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