[hackmeeting] Hacktivismo contra la convención republicana

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Jue Sep 9 13:07:21 CEST 2004

Ricardo Dominguez me reenvia este artículo sobre acciones hacktivistas 
contra la convención republicana. Hay cosas que me han hecho pensar 
mucho la verdad ... la acción de los 2600$ es bastante estimulante la 




Hacktivism: A Week of Electronic Disruption during the Republican 
National Convention

Hacktivists have launched a campaign of electronic civil disobedience to 
coincide with the demonstrations against the  Republican National 
Convention. Joining millions of protesters who took to the streets of 
New York to say no to the Bush  agenda, hacktivists have taken to the 
net to explore a new medium of protest: the internet. Various tactics 
include staging  financial disruption against major credit card 
corporations, disrupting various right-wing fascist groups, and an 
electronic sit- in against Republican websites.

Credit card numbers stolen from major news corporations have been used 
by anti-RNC hacktivists to make $2600 in  donations to various 
humantarian and civil rights organizations. In a statement posted to the 
NYC Independent Media Center,  the hacktivists declared "either the 
credit card corporations are going to have to spend tens of thousands of 
dollars in lawyer  and investigation fees to track down and retrieve a 
mere few hundred dollars per account, or these humanitarian 
organizations are going to get their donations. We’ll have to see 
whether Corporate Americ is heartless enough to take  money away from 
hungry children, AIDS victims and the homeless and give it straight to 
law enforcement, attorneys and the  banks". The hacktivists have claimed 
that they have hundreds of additional credit card numbers spread out 
over an  underground network of hackers and will continue to make $2600 
in donations a month until all military troops are pulled out  of Iraq.

A right-wing fascist organization known as ProtestWarrior was also 
hacked and defaced a week before the convention began. In a statement 
condemning the group's defense of the occupation of Iraq and support for 
the Bush agenda, the hacktivists  spoke, "by infiltrating and crashing 
legal, peaceful assemblies, the ProtestWarriors are fighting against the 
democratic process  while claiming to uphold the 'core values of this 
country'". The cell/home phone numbers, names, addresses, and passwords 
of the site's lead organizers along with the email addresses of all 
ProtestWarrior members were posted to the site and emailed  out to every 
member. Major components of their website remained down for the 
remainder of the day.

The hacktivists have also staged a mainstream electronic sit-in on 
various Republican websites during the convention. In a  document sent 
to thousands of hackers, activists, press people and email lists, the 
group provided the means to disrupt  Republican webservers, email 
accounts, phone and fax systems. These actions were joined by the 
Electronic Disturbance Theatre, who have launched similar successful 
actions against the World Economic Forum, the Mexican Surpeme Court, and 
  more. The flood scripts allowed users to combine their bandwidth to 
overload RNC servers with so much traffic that it would  be unable to 
serve any more requests. Although the RNC websites remained online for 
the majority of the convention, many  users along with web monitoring 
company AlertSite have reported periods of slowdown and complete 
disruption on  September 2nd as George W. Bush was nominated as the 
presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

Hacktivists are defending the attacks on right-wing and corporate 
systems as a legitimate protest tactic. "When the machinery  of law is 
working towards acts of injustice, then the people have not only the 
right but the duty to break the law to combat  tyranny and oppression". 
Following in the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson and 
other famous revolutionaries, these hacktivists are exploring the 
internet as a new medium of civil disobedience. "Electronic civil 
disobedience does not cause any physical damage to people or property: 
it is merely the shifting of data around in such a  manner as to mock or 
disrupt the injustices of the corporate machine".

Through the redistribution of wealth to charities, disruption of 
right-wing fascist groups, and flooding Republican websites  and 
communication systems, this sort of non-violent electronic civiL 
disobedience is setting new standards for online  protests.

   ** distribute widely **

The campaign website and all email addresses have been knocked offline, 
but it will not erase the memories of what has  happened.

   For press inquiries, email all of the following addresses(:
   rainbowskies en wowmail.com
   rainbowskies en truthmail.com
   crimethinc en bhcnetworks.com
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