[hackmeeting] hacker "capture the flag" challenges release notes

Whooka de HackThisSite.org whooka en gmail.com
Vie Oct 13 09:45:02 CEST 2006

Here are some notes about the hacking challenge taking place this
weekend for the international hackmeeting. Everone (especially those
hackers in Spain and Chile) is invited to participate in this root
this box competition.

## chicago hackmeeting - hacker 'capture the flag' challenges ##

We have set up a series of hacking challenges to coincide with the
international hackmeeting. several systems have been set up as 'free
range hacking' and everyone is encouraged to test their skills against
other hackers around the world to break in and defend these systems.

View a slideshow introduction of the event:

View the live scoreboard of the competition:

There are several boxes that have already been set up for this
weekend's competition. There are a variety of operating systems and
services configured, ranging from easy to difficult. Several of the
systems are lab computers at the dai5ychain space, while others exist
elsewhere on the internet.

At the start of the competition, we have set up :

ssh petunia en seedsforthe.noiseflower.com -p 8002 pass: petunia

ssh protea en seedsforthe.noiseflower.com -p 8012 pass: protea


ssh guest en ykstort.be -p 28    pass: password

Everyone is free to contribute a system to the game, see the
introduction or contact us. We will be hanging out on irc.freenode.org
#hackmeeting if you want to chat with others participating in the

This challenge is based on the original Root This Box competition
which was developed and modified to fit for this weekend by OutThere
and Insurgency from hackthissite.org.

Contact: Insurgency <whooka en gmail.com>

chicago hackmeeting: http://hackmeetingwiki.dai5ychain.net
spain hackmeeting: http://sindominio.net/hackmeeting/
chile hackmeeting: http://www.redhack.cl/HM/

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