[hackmeeting] hacker "capture the flag" challenges release notes

Jordi Clopés jordi en matarosensefils.net
Vie Oct 13 10:39:21 CEST 2006

Wov, that's great!

It's a very interesting competition. 
Are there only four members in this challenge? or I din't read it well.

Congratulations for this iniciative folks!

Take Care!


El dv, 13-10-2006 a las 02:45 -0500, Whooka de HackThisSite.org
> Here are some notes about the hacking challenge taking place this
> weekend for the international hackmeeting. Everone (especially those
> hackers in Spain and Chile) is invited to participate in this root
> this box competition.
> ## chicago hackmeeting - hacker 'capture the flag' challenges ##
> We have set up a series of hacking challenges to coincide with the
> international hackmeeting. several systems have been set up as 'free
> range hacking' and everyone is encouraged to test their skills against
> other hackers around the world to break in and defend these systems.
> View a slideshow introduction of the event:
> http://hackmeetingwiki.dai5ychain.net/drop/Presentations/capture_the_flag/slideshow.php
> View the live scoreboard of the competition:
> http://www.disrespectcopyrights.net/hackmeeting/
> There are several boxes that have already been set up for this
> weekend's competition. There are a variety of operating systems and
> services configured, ranging from easy to difficult. Several of the
> systems are lab computers at the dai5ychain space, while others exist
> elsewhere on the internet.
> At the start of the competition, we have set up :
> http://seedsforthe.noiseflower.com:8001
> ssh petunia en seedsforthe.noiseflower.com -p 8002 pass: petunia
> http://seedsforthe.noiseflower.com:8011
> ssh protea en seedsforthe.noiseflower.com -p 8012 pass: protea
> http://seedsforthe.noiseflower.com:8021
> http://www.ykstort.be
> ssh guest en ykstort.be -p 28    pass: password
> Everyone is free to contribute a system to the game, see the
> introduction or contact us. We will be hanging out on irc.freenode.org
> #hackmeeting if you want to chat with others participating in the
> competition.
> This challenge is based on the original Root This Box competition
> which was developed and modified to fit for this weekend by OutThere
> and Insurgency from hackthissite.org.
> Contact: Insurgency <whooka en gmail.com>
> chicago hackmeeting: http://hackmeetingwiki.dai5ychain.net
> spain hackmeeting: http://sindominio.net/hackmeeting/
> chile hackmeeting: http://www.redhack.cl/HM/
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