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Date: 2009/12/7
Subject: [hackerspaces] ETH0: Call For Participation -- Please forward
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Hi Hackers,

Sorry to spam you with this... but I hope you will find this interesting enough

Please help ETH0 gain world-domination by forwarding the following
message (and acting on it yourself) to your social networks.

Eth0:2010 -- Call for Participation

The guys and girls from ETH0 would like to bring your attention to the
following. After co-organising Hacking At Random 2009 we are back in
the saddle and making preperations for the next events. In 2010 ETH0
will bring you 2 events, these are:

       - Our week-long outdoor summercamp, somewhere in August 2010
       - A 3-day indoor party-conference, January 16 and 17, 2010

For both of these events we are looking for open source projects,
developer groups, hackerspaces, interesting individuals, writers,
coders, DJ's and VJ's, builders and hackers who think they can add
something interesting to our event. We are looking for people who want
to do hands-on workshops, hold lectures, give demonstrations or
presentations, teach and learn, talk with interesting people and make
an impact on our visitors.

If you feel that this describes you, or if you know someone we must
contact, head over to www.eth-0.nl / wiki.eth-0.nl and contact our
Program Committee (Mail: program en eth-0.nl)

Eth0 2010 Program Committee
Jeroen Dekkers
Mark Janssen

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