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On 16:32, Mon 18 Jan 10, d1d4c wrote:
> Yo considero a la asamblea como una especie de aplicación
> informática ejecutada por ciborgs (por decirlo así). En ese sentido,
> tiene un input y un output.

Networks of interacting neurons are responsible for the cognitive 
information processing in the brain. They must remain functional also in
the presence of noise and need to be stable as stochastic systems. In 
this case the introduction of a noise term to the evolution equation 
should not change the dynamics qualitatively. This postulate should be 
valid for the vast majorities of biological networks [...]

Stochastic Escape and Stochastic Resonance: A particle trapped in a 
local minimum may escape this minimum by a noise-induced diffusion process; 
a phenomenon called “stochastic escape”. Stochastic escape in a driven 
bistable system leads to an even more subtle consequence of noise-induced 
dynamics, the “stochastic resonance”. [...] Stochastic escape occurs in 
many real-world systems. Noise allows the system to escape from a local 
minimum where it would otherwise remain stuck for eternity.
As an example, we mention stochastic escape from a local fitness maximum 
(in evolution fitness is to be maximized) by random mutations that play 
the role of noise.

Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems, A Primer.
Claudius Gros.
y recuerde, lo hacemos por su seguridad!

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