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what is this?  i just arrived to catalonia so i don't know the local languages yet.. so i will write in English, if it is OK.  i subscribed to the list because i would like to help in the hackmeeting preparation if i can.  i will use machine translation to understand what you write. :D

who is this?  i am a media activist / sysadmin / researcher, visited calafou a few times and know some of the local techies.  as sysadmin i am working with a radical server collective to provide services [0], and have a young project about distributed servers.  as a researcher i am writing about hacklabs and hackerspaces [1], from historical and theoretical point of view.  as a media activist i am doing websites, graphics, stencil and so on for social movements.

how to go on?

1. i propose a node about history of hacklabs, with a presentation, discussion and information aggregation workshop.  it could start from my research and expand based on the experiences and knowledge of attendants.

2. i have experience in translations in activist gatherings but i only speak English and Hungarian, so i could help in the organisation of translation but not in the translation itself.  i am also trying to invite people from other countries to come.

3. i showed several people the hackerspace passport [2] and they liked the idea so i am thinking about ordering a pack of blank passports to distribute at the techmeeting.  it is a counter-bureaucratic document that looks like a passport and hackerspaces can have stamps to stamp in the visitors' passports.  so there could be a workshop about making stamps for hacklabs as well.

[0] https://tachanka.org/

[1] http://peerproduction.net/issues/issue-2/peer-reviewed-papers/hacklabs-and-hackerspaces/

[2] https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Passport

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