[hm] introduction and some proposals

Ruben Pollan meskio en sindominio.net
Jue Sep 20 16:54:44 CEST 2012

Helo maxigas,

Quoting maxigas (2012-09-18 18:49:53)
> what is this?  i just arrived to catalonia so i don't know the local languages 
> yet.. so i will write in English, if it is OK.  i subscribed to the list 
> because i would like to help in the hackmeeting preparation if i can.  i will 
> use machine translation to understand what you write. :D

Welcome. It's great to see new people around.

English is ok. Not all of us speak english, but I think is better to read you in 
english than don't read you at all.

> 1. i propose a node about history of hacklabs, with a presentation, discussion 
> and information aggregation workshop.  it could start from my research and 
> expand based on the experiences and knowledge of attendants.

Cool. Just fill the form in the wiki:
I think we don't have an english version, we should create it. Anyway you can 
fill it in english as I did with my node[0].

You'll need to log in for edit it. If you don't want to create an account we 
have an anonymous one:
user: anonima
pass: aminona

> 2. i have experience in translations in activist gatherings but i only speak 
> English and Hungarian, so i could help in the organisation of translation but 
> not in the translation itself.

I'm not sure how the translation is beeing organize, I can not follow all the 

> i am also trying to invite people from other countries to come.

Will be great to see more people from abroad.

> 3. i showed several people the hackerspace passport [2] and they liked the 
> idea so i am thinking about ordering a pack of blank passports to distribute 
> at the techmeeting.  it is a counter-bureaucratic document that looks like a 
> passport and hackerspaces can have stamps to stamp in the visitors' passports.  
> so there could be a workshop about making stamps for hacklabs as well.

I want one for myself.


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