[hm] introduction and some proposals

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Vie Sep 21 12:52:49 CEST 2012

From: Ruben Pollan <meskio at sindominio.net>
Subject: Re: [hm] introduction and some proposals
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:54:44 +0200

> Helo maxigas,
> Quoting maxigas (2012-09-18 18:49:53)
>> what is this?  i just arrived to catalonia so i don't know the local languages 
>> yet.. so i will write in English, if it is OK.  i subscribed to the list 
>> because i would like to help in the hackmeeting preparation if i can.  i will 
>> use machine translation to understand what you write. :D
> Welcome. It's great to see new people around.
> English is ok. Not all of us speak english, but I think is better to read you in 
> english than don't read you at all.

i am just configuring emacs to be able to translate, then i
can include spanish machine translation as well.

>> 1. i propose a node about history of hacklabs, with a presentation, discussion 
>> and information aggregation workshop.  it could start from my research and 
>> expand based on the experiences and knowledge of attendants.
> Cool. Just fill the form in the wiki:
> http://sindominio.net/hackmeeting/index.php?title=Especial:FormEdit/Nodos_2012
> I think we don't have an english version, we should create it. Anyway you can 
> fill it in english as I did with my node[0].

thanks, i will do that shortly! :D

look forward meeting you,

maxigas, kiberpunk


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