[hm] [nodo] Monta tu relay y amplia la red Tor

Jasper Williams take.your.quietus en gmail.com
Mie Oct 8 20:38:29 CEST 2014

> - Os animo a que montéis uno en la Raspberry Pi que tenéis en el cajón
muerta de risa

"""It's super frustrating when I publicly tell people that ― as much as we
<3 them for running a relay ― doing so on a home connection, on wimpy
hardware like Raspberry Pis, is likely only going to harm the Tor network.
And then people point at "If you have at least 100 kilobytes/s each way,
please help out Tor by configuring your Tor to be a relay" on our website
[0] and stop listening to whatever other relay-running advice I have to

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