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### The Luddite Aspects of Hackerdom: How to Build Time Machines to Alter the Course of History

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The Luddite Aspects of Hackerdom is about hackers against technology.  Some hackers resist technological change when the latest developments are harmful to users and society.  In the early days of capitalism when factory technologies were introduced to further exploit and control workers, Luddites broke machines and went rioting.  However, they were not against all technologies, only against the technologies which they identified as socially detrimental.  I present three case studies which show different tactics hackers choose in the struggle against particular technologies.

The irony is that you often have to develop new machines to break the machines that you don’t like.  So resistance to technology can be technologically productive too.  These anti-technology machines are time machines which bring you back in time to an older era, on a mission to change the course of history.  Critical capacity (agency) comes from the ability to move in time, not from accepting or rejecting new or old technologies.  I look at how such a critical relationship to technology works and what are the social conditions which make it possible to adopt the stance of the Luddites.

Idioma: English

Keywords separar con comas: usuario, tecnología, Luddites

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Lecturas recomendadas: (1) Kirkpatrick: Rebels Against the Future; (2) Lindsay 2003: From the Shadows: Users as Designers, Producers, Marketers, Distributors, and Technical Support. In: Oudshoorn & Pinch 2003: How Users Matter: The Co-Construction of Users and Technology.

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