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### Hack the Biblio: Digital Public Library and Bookscanners

Modalidad: charla

Duración: 60 min

Dinamizadora: Spideralex & Maxigas

Madrina: Acracia


The Digital Public Library is a strategy for the digitalisation, publication and distribution of books using open hardware and free software as far as possible.  A library is an institution open to the general public which provides open access to knowledge primarily in the form of books, copyrighted or not.  The library is a concept and a set of social practices deeply rooted in modernity and it has a wide legitimacy even in contemporary society where capitalism is increasingly dependent on the enforcement of restrictions on what is called Intellectual Property.

Digital Public Librarians are building book scanners, digitising printed materials, doing post-production work to prepare high quality releases of PDFs and EPUBs, contributing to online archives, organising workflows for the production and distribution of digitised books, teaching, learning and promoting the ideas and practices of the Digital Public Library.

In this workshop we report on work in Calafou (Catalunya) and the hacklab of Barracas (Buenos Aires), inspired by the initiative of Marcell Mars (memoryoftheworld.org).

Idioma: Spanglish

Keywords separar con comas: bookscanner, libros, biblioteca, Biblioteca Digital Público

Conocimientos recomendados: nada

Lecturas recomendadas: The Radical Tactics of the Digital Pulic Library, http://memoryoftheworld.org/

Material necesario para dar el nodo: nada

¿Qué días podrías dar el nodo?: tarde o noche

Seguridad de asistencia: 5

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