[hm] Official song HackMeeting ES 2018

Sup_C sup_c en riseup.net
Dom Sep 30 03:25:31 CEST 2018

Ahora vienen los troleos internacionales, este hackmeeting tiene nivelaso.

On 9/30/18 1:32 AM, adalovesbabbage en riseup.net wrote:
> Real dong for REAL Juackerz
> https://share.riseup.net/#KechQ-8kgmuZjWPUXOZhEw
> Hope the real Ada, the woman who wrote first known program without even
> having a computer, doesn't turn in her grave when some impostors
> pretending to be hackers write almost no code in an age where
> calculators are omnipresent and pretend Ada to be their reference...
> WTF hackers culture is really lost, it just became yet another sex drug
> and rock and roll fashion, you are not an hacker just because you smoke
> joints or have a rizeup email or wear glasses or go to an Hack-* event
> and banged someone there...
> At least have some decency! And do not piss on giants shoulders!
> And last but not in importance install an antivirus on your Linurz
> server otherwise Chineze hackerz will pown it!!
> Fuck you very much!
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