[hm] Official song HackMeeting ES 2018

adalovesbabbage en riseup.net adalovesbabbage en riseup.net
Dom Sep 30 01:32:59 CEST 2018

Real dong for REAL Juackerz


Hope the real Ada, the woman who wrote first known program without even
having a computer, doesn't turn in her grave when some impostors
pretending to be hackers write almost no code in an age where
calculators are omnipresent and pretend Ada to be their reference...

WTF hackers culture is really lost, it just became yet another sex drug
and rock and roll fashion, you are not an hacker just because you smoke
joints or have a rizeup email or wear glasses or go to an Hack-* event
and banged someone there...

At least have some decency! And do not piss on giants shoulders!
And last but not in importance install an antivirus on your Linurz
server otherwise Chineze hackerz will pown it!!

Fuck you very much!

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