[Presos] Death in Fies regime

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Fri Aug 15 21:58:32 CEST 2003

On the 19th of July the comrade Paco Ortiz died inside the jail of Badajoz, 
in F.I.E.S. regime. He was suicided by the jail, he found the death and the 
freedom using a mortal dose of pills. All our love for this dear comrade, who 
is not a weak one, but who fought during all his life against what kills him 
now; all our hate for the system that forced him inside those four walls, for 
the state and the repression.
An indeterminate air time’s strike started inside the jail Badajoz for the 
murder of Paco Ortiz.
The comrades of the same module of Paco started the strike since his death. 
They urgently need an economic support to continue the strike. It’s very 
important to spread this news inside the various jails, so other prisoners 
can join the protest.
You can ask infos or send your moral and economic support to:
Miguel Tigeras Rincon
C.P de Badajoz mod. 7
Ctra de Olivenza km 7. 300 Badajoz

Death to the state!
Paco lives in our struggle!


Here is a letter written by the Italian comrade Claudio Lavazza detained 
under Fies regime in Spain, in which he talk about his friendship with Paco:

<<Our dear comrade Francisco Ortiz Jimenez (Paco) died on the last Saturday 
19th of July inside the jail Badajoz, Fies module. He has searched freedom 
through the suicide with a mortal dose of pills, an hard way to escape 
definitely from the reality of the jail and the isolation that he couldn’t 
bear anymore.

I met Paco here in the Fies module of Huelva more than two years ago and I 
appreciated him a lot, all  the people who met him loved him a lot. He said 
me that he “loved the life, the real life in liberty, but not this we had in 
an isolation section. This was not a life good to be lived”. Since he entered 
in jail the last time, three years ago, he tried to die three times. The last 
attempt in Jaen II, cutting his veins on the 22nd of March ’03, but he didn’t 
die, the life still too strong in his heart refused the death another time. I 
remember that in one of his letter he wrote me: “It’s incredible, it seems 
I’m immortal”.

At Huelva, when he was here with us he tried two times, they brought him at 
the hospital and he returned after few days as nothing had happened, a little 
bit disoriented yes, but calm with his determination. “The life is a good 
that everyone of us has, and we have the indisputable right to do what we 
think is the best for it”, he said to me.

Paco spent almost all his life in prison: 20 years, fighting against the 
injustices of the penitentiary system, fighting for life and liberty, these 
of his and the others; and now, after many years, he didn’t have the strength 
to restart. The last time he wrote us about himself, he talked about his 
situation from the moment of his leaving from here for a transfer to Jaen II. 
A transfer previously announced by a notification of the prison direction in 
which it said that the displacement happened in order to facilitate his 
recovery: as it is possible to help someone shutting him/her up in Jaen II (I 
was sent there and I know well how hard it is). They transformed his transfer 
in a sort of sanction, and moreover he had just gotten out of the hospital. 
It was an untruth without reservedness sustaining that putting our comrade 
there “could facilitate his adaptation”, there they destroy prisoners, they 
try to annihilate them, taking off the little joy they still have.

You can imagine how Paco was badly inside the malodorous module Fies of Jaen 
II, in solitary confinement, in the dark, alone and in silence: the place 
more similar to a grave. It’s not a case if he tried to kill himself in that 
place too.

In spite of his situation and his mind he joined, together with the other 
prisoners who came after, a struggle for stopping the project of converting 
the Fies of Jaen II in a section of double uses, that is the Fies prisoners 
of first and second grade, as in the jail of Picassent (Valencia).

The protests of every kind were useful and the direction didn’t obtain what 
it wanted, and Paco was transferred to the Fies of Badajoz, a module of 
second grade where he finds the death.

And now they have not to say bullshit, because we know well that every death 
in jail is a crime of the state, and they are responsible of the conditions 
that cause these deaths>>.

Claudio Lavazza
Cp Huelva, Modulo 16 FIES
Carretera la Ribera s/n
21610 Huelva (España).

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