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Mr Elue Mathias eluem02 at freesurf.fr
Fri Aug 15 23:27:30 CEST 2003

Mr Elue Mathias
elue_02 at post.cz

Hello friend,

Compliments of the season. It is indeed my pleasure to write to you this
letter, which I believe will be a suprise, as we are both complete
strangers. I am Mr Elue Mathias, the manager, credit and foreign bills

Eco bank Plc,Benin. I am writing in respect of a foreign customer of my
bank with account number 14-255-2004 who perished in Egyptian Air Flight
with the whole passengers aboard on 31st oct 1999. Since the demise of
this our customer,I personally has watched with keen interest to see the
next of kin but all has proved abortive as no one has come to claim his
funds of USD$21.5m[Twenty one million five hundred thousand united
states dollars] which has been with my branch for a very long time.On
this note, I decided to seek for whom his name shall be used as the next
of kin as no one has come up as his relation. And the country law here
does not allow such money to stay more than Five years,for the money
will be recalled to the government treasury as unclaimed after this
period.Upon the receipt of your response, I will send to you the
application, bank's contact and the next step to take.

I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is hitch free
and that you should not entertain any fear as all modalities for fund
transfer can be finalized within five banking days, after you apply to
the bank as a relation to the deceased.When you receive this letter.
Kindly send me an e-mail signifying your decision.Including your private

Tel/Fax numbers for quick communication.
I will be very happy if you can treat this business with the utmost
secrecy it demands because of my position in this bank.

Hoping for a very successful business relationship with you.

Respectfully submitted,

Mr Elue Mathias
elue_02 at post.cz
Tell:- 00229-601500

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