[unomada-info] PRECARITY_WEBRING MEETING, Madrid 24-26 noviembre

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Lun Nov 20 20:49:39 CET 2006




20:00-24:00: informal meeting point at LaDinamo, distribution of flats&maps, final arrangement of
the last details of the agenda



Cartography: deepening on existing practices, methods, forms of territorial and transnational

11.00-15.00: Reports from different groups and different projects. Here we
think that the following questions could be useful for structuring the
reports. Coordinator: Pantxo (Milan / London)

– General opening of the meeting: Raúl (Universidad Nómada, Madrid)
– Introduction by Pantxo
– Discussion in working groups
– Common closure

Some questions for the discussion:

* What are the activist-research projects you are involved in?
* How do they relate to local mobilisations around precarity? And are there connections that go
beyond the local and how do these help?
* What resources do you use for your activism/research?
* What methods do you use, in which social spaces does your research take place and why?
* What are the outcomes and what projects are you planning next?


17.00-21.00: Local experiences with organising precarious people & similarities and differences
between different locales and contexts. Coordinator: Dimitris (Preclab - Cardiff)

– Introduction by Dimitris
– Discussion in working groups
– Closure

Some questions for the discussion:

*How do our groups act on an everyday level and develop local campaigns?
*What are our relations to traditional institutions such as unions, local governments, parties etc.?
*What is the social base of the local projects and what are the practices and the difficulties we
experience in organisation?
*What are the specificities of the national, regional, local experiences?



Transnationality: common notions, common spaces, present situation, future possibilities?

10.00-14.00: New forms of organisation and discussion about possibilities for
transnational connections.

Coordinator: Emmanuelle (Act-Up, Paris)
Counterpoint: Alberto or Giuliana (Esc, Rome)

Some questions for the discussion:

*The crisis of Euromayday
*Migrational movements, the euro-wide campaign for regularisation, migrant
labour rights
*The November 05 banlieu uprising
*From international to transnational unionism
*Other related social movements (anti-CPE, housing etc.)
*The production of new trans-European spaces of conflict


16.00-19.00: How can a common space like the precarity-map platform feed our
theoretical and organisational experiences?

Coordinator: Raul (Universidad Nómada, Madrid)
Counterpoint: Vassilis or Effi (Preclab, Hamburg)

Some questions for the discussion:

*Developing some first basic ideas for a common 'language' or 'grammar' on precarity
*What are the main tenets of precarity from the different perspectives of the participating groups?
*Which are the concepts that you use and which concepts are important for our local experiences?
How is precarity related to affective labour, immaterial labour, sexual labour, precarious living
conditions, gendered divisions, illegality, informal labour etc. etc.?
*What are the forms of cooperation we use? What are the next concrete possibilities for
development of the precarity map and the webring?
*Are there other common projects that we can develop together? And how can these feed back to
precarity map and to ongoing processes of organisation?



Film screening:
20h. E35 - Traficantes de sueños
Tanger, le rêve des brûleurs, by Leila Kilani, 55'
(V.O. with Spanish subtitles)

Common Dinner:
22h. La Sanabresa
c/ Amor de Dios



11.00-15.00: Conclusions
Coordinator - Gigi (Conricerca, Rome)

The meeting will be held in E35 - Traficantes de sueños: c/ Embajadores 35, local 6, metro:
Embajadores or Lavapiés

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