[hackmeeting] call4nodes english (+ propuesta de nodo)

elTxus elTxus en gmx.net
Mar Sep 9 03:39:09 CEST 2003

Como lo prometido es deuda, adjunto la traducción al inglés del 
call4nodes. Y ya van 4!  Quién dá mas??  xD  Lo mando en texto plano de 
kWrite, si queréis algún formato en especial pedidlo  ;)

Y por otra parte quería pediros opinión acerca del posible interés de 
una charla sobre vídeo: tarjetas de TV (bttv, ver la tele, etc), captura 
de vídeo (digital y analógico), edición de vídeo (kino), formatos de 
vídeo (características, un poco de historia, funcionamiento de los 
formatos más usados) y quizás extenderme algo también en el tratamiento 
de audio.

¿Lo véis interesante? ¿Alguien va a ofrecer algo similar? De resultar de 
interés, lo planifico un poco más y os relleno el "formulario" con más 
detalle para que lo discutamos con datos más concretos aquí y en charlas 
@ sindominio.net


------------ próxima parte ------------

..:: hack your brain :: okupa tu mente ::..


..:: INTRO ::..

This message is just an invitation for you to take part in HackMeeting '03, by proposing work/activities/spreading nodes, and weave, as usual, activities and meetings' net around hacktivism, cyberspace, telematics and their technopolitics dimensions, on a  weekend in which manifestates the crowd's cyborg that the HackMeeting (HM) is. We've changed the traditional call4papers with the call4nodes to not restrict articles (papers) participation but a wide fan of posibilities (workshops, talks, boards, exposures, posters, etc.) which we've called nodes. As we supose you know, HM is a shared event in which the relation between organizer and attendings doesn't exist, because of the need to automanage the meeting by all of us. HM will consist in talks, discussions, workshops, clashes, and another nodes, for which speakers, coordinators, etc., are needed.

This year, HM walks under the shadow of waves of evacuations and threats of evictions from CSOA's (Self-Moved Occupied Social Centers), i.e. Les Naus (CSOA's that develop the HM's born in Spain ---http://sindominio.net/lesnaus ) or Labo03, recently evacuated (in which last HM was ---http://sindominio.net/laboratorio). This wave isn't a fortunately agreement between army forces executing spontaneus judicial orders (so many times nonexistents), but a program bureaucraticly compiled to kill any try of mass experimentation, share knowledge and habilities, and build open nets and spaces. LSSI, last judicial attacks to p2p nets, european software patents, new SGAE's royalties or new european guideline to support the "intelectual property" are only a few examples about what's happening in cyberspace, too. That's because this HM want to defend the right to experiment freely, and to open tecnopolitics, telematics and social spaces of collective creation, builded from hacktivism or from "reality hacking": passion to go beyond limits, (re)build and automove spaces and social codes.

..:: WHERE AND WHEN ::..

Iruña - Pamplona (Spain)

October 24, 25, and 26



..:: SUBJECTS ::..

Those are only a few examples of subjects handled in others HM, or which we would like to share on next's. But aren't all. We look for new points of view and discovers that you would like to show, discussions you would like to coordinate, ideas and technics you'd like to share.

    * Reality hacking
    * Copyleft
    * Rights against copyright
    * WIreless' networks self-moved
    * Telematics and  alternative (contra)information
    * Autonomous Servers
    * Against Ginebra WSIS (International Summit Conference From Information Society)
    * Open and Free Software: GNU/Linux, Debian, etc.
    * Vídeo
    * Hacktivism
    * Net Control: LSSI, cybercrime laws, enfopol ...
    * Net Corporations: copyright, patents, spying ...
    * Education and new technologies
    * Universal Access to the net, the knowledge and the technics
    * Civil/Social Electronic Disobedience
    * Cyberpunk
    * Artivism
    * ¿Machines squatting is like real squatting? Legal  Consultancy
    * Internet's genealogy and it's relation with social activities
    * Hacker's philosophy
    * Privacy, cryptography, anonymity
    * Hacklabs
    * Computer recycling
    * Introduction to GNU/Linux, TCP/IP, passwords ...
    * Phreak
    * Hacking
    * Inverse engineering
    * Virus, artificial intelligence, artificial life, cybernetics ...
    * Smart cards, digital signature
    * Tricks (how to obtain energy from the phone line, build a PC table with recicled, etc)
    * Con-test
    * Boards about books
    * Women and no-sexist free software

..:: METHODS ::..

All methods are open, here comes some suggestions:

    * Posters (that explain or summarize a group activities, somebody ideas, the way to do something or the results of any kind of investigation/project)
    * Talks (for about half and hour or two hours)
    * Workshops (for about two-three hours, more participative and productive nature than a talk)
    * Coordination meetings
    * Boards
    * Exposures (GPL material , old machines, witty artifacts ...)

In addition to presence methods, HM accepts virtual presence, too. Audio, video and text (and almost everything you would imagine on digital format), which would be posted in The Net, are welcomed.


All nodes' proposals are discussed at HM's mail list (hackmeeting en sindominio.net). So we recommend you to subscribe to the list at  http://sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting to start participating in the node you proposed and look the way your proposal takes..

However, to propose a node, send a message with subject: "[nodo] proposal's_name" to:

    * hackmeeting @ sindominio.net
    * charlas @ sindominio.net (this last works for coordinate timetables of all node-activities of HM).

On the message's body we propose you to fill this form (or to modify it as you like or by your proposal's demand):

    * To audience/participants

    0. Way

        a) Talk
        b) Workshop
        c) Board
        d) Poster
        e) Exposure
        f) Coordination meeting
        g) Other

    1. Author's, Coordinator's, etc. names
    2. Title(s)
    3. Summary
    4. Key Words
    5. Recommended knowledge for participants
    6. Structure/content
    7. Methodology: exposure, discussion, rummaging, etc.
    8. Length
    9. Recommended readings. For people who wants to look deeply into the topic before the node.

    * To coordination:

    10. Necessary material (including kind of space, if you need an open space free of chairs or anything).
    11. Schedule preferences
    12. Assistance security level (from 1 to 10)
    13. Documents or node files (if there is, to post onto the web: slides, texts, programs, etc)


Other participation ways, apart from activities nodes (like share material, take part on meetings, coordinate activities, do streeming, etc), are welcomed and needed. For futher information and coordination, HM assembly are meeted vitually and permanently at mail list hackmeeting en sindominio.net. You can subscribe at: http://sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting


First HackMeeting was at Florence in 1998, and from then on every year at Italy a HM is celebrated (http://hackmeeting.org contains information about last HM celebrated in Italy and links to all previous HM's). At 2000 was celebrated the first spanish-speaking HackMeeting at Barcelona (http://sindominio.net/hmbcn00), at 2001 was at Leioa (Bilbao ---http://sindominio.net/hm2001) and at 2002 at Madrid (http://sindominio.net/madhack02).

For further information you can write us at mail list hackmeeting @ sindominio.net or by visiting HackMeeting's Official web page:


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