[hackmeeting] ESF ARRESTS UPDATE

ana anap en riseup.net
Mar Ene 4 05:22:32 CET 2005

esto es de las detenciones durante el fondo social europeo en londres.

Dean Talent wrote:

> This is an update of the people arrested & charged during the European 
> Social Forum in London October 2004. Of those arrested only one was a 
> UK national. (This may or may not have any significance).
> - The four people arrested at Kings Cross station on Sunday 17th while 
> attempting to travel to the ESF demonstration: one person?s case 
> (assaulting police) is still ongoing, one person had his charges 
> (assaulting police) dismissed in court through lack of evidence, one 
> person received a ?caution? for having a pocket knife, & one person, 
> initially arrested for ?firearms offences?, was released without 
> charge when it was discovered the item in question was a bottle of 
> eyedrops (!)
> - The two people arrested by the main stage at Trafalgar Square as 
> they attempted to announce the arrests & police repression at Kings 
> Cross: one received a fixed penalty notice (?80 fine) for a public 
> order offence while the other returns to court in February 2005 to 
> answer charges of ?threatening words & behaviour?.
> - Other people arrested at Trafalgar Square during the ESF 
> demonstration: one person received a ?conditional discharge? for 
> possession of a knife.
> - The person arrested on Saturday evening outside Alexandra Palace 
> after the stage intervention denouncing Ken Livingstone?s co-option of 
> the ESF is charged with theft (of a police helmet!), assaulting police 
> & ?threatening words & behaviour?. His next court appearance is in 
> February 2005.
> - Two people were arrested for shoplifting during the reclaim public 
> transport/tube party action on Friday evening. Both received a ?caution?.
> A ?caution? is issued by the police (not the courts) on the condition 
> the person admits the offence. No further action is taken against that 
> person although it is kept on police record. A ?conditional discharge? 
> is where the court finds a person guilty of the offence but does not 
> wish to punish that person further. This goes on the person?s criminal 
> record & depending on the conditions imposed by the court no further 
> action is taken.
> Of the three people whose cases are still ongoing all have 
> ?unconditional bail? which means there are no restrictions on their 
> freedom or movements.
> We continue to give our unconditional solidarity & support to those 
> arrested & those charged during the London ESF.
> wombles
> (december 2004)
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