[hackmeeting] Chicago USA hackmeeting O13-15 schedule and IRC

Whooka de HackThisSite.org whooka en gmail.com
Mar Oct 10 22:48:13 CEST 2006

Hello Hackmeeting list, I am an hacker activist who is helping
organize the Hackmeeting in Chicago USA to coincide with the
international hackmeetings held in Spain and Chile. We have been
working on a three day conference with workshops/presentations on
alternatives to copyright, hacktivism, internet security culture, and
more. The event is being held at a new hacker activist space called
dai5ychain.net, which has a computer lab, a presentation/screening
room, and a community bike center.

The new space and the conference is modelled off of the international
hacklabs movement, as we are embracing and open and participatory
model of organization for the event. We have been using a Wiki for
online collaboration and to develop a schedule of workshops for the

You can read more about the event at the wiki http://hackmeeting.dai5ychain.net

One experiment we would like to try would be to set up an IRC channel
to be a "live link" between the hackmeetings beind held in Spain,
Chile, and the USA. We will set up some of the computers in our lab to
connect to the freenode #hackmeeting channel, and we will have the IRC
channel projected onto a large screen for much of the conference. Do
you think it is possible to arrange a time/date during this weekend
where we can have a large IRC discussion bringing together some of the
organizers of the event to talk about how their respective
hackmeetings are going? We hope this will allow fellow hackers of the
world to further communicate and network with each other.

We will keep you informed of developments regarding the conference in
the USA. Good luck with your conference!

(apologies for this email being written in English)

http://www.hackthissite.org   http://www.hackbloc.org

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