[hm] Hackmeeting 2010 Zaragoza for people not speaking spanish?

elf Pavlik perpetual-tripper en wwelves.org
Sab Oct 2 08:11:54 CEST 2010

Hi MurDoK,

Respect for digging up info about me =)

I will try to come and we could than make a sort of 'sharing circle' in
the subjects I work with. I write now from Brussels where I participate in
this year 'No Borders Camp' - http://www.noborderbxl.eu.org/?lang=en

As you may noticed on my homepage, I don't use any state documents any
more and I even work on moving away from using country names in my speech.
Rather focusing on geographical references like watersheds, mountain
ranges, peninsulas etc.

I also just made a connection with local hackerspace -
http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/HSB and I proposed meeting and discussing
subjects of Web of Trust and Decentralized Networking -

I would also like to discuss those subjects in upcoming Hackmeeting =)

Shortly on living without using money, for October 17th I prepare an
online video chat with other people from around the world who don't agree
to use money. Many of them works on projects to help our society transition
away from using it. Short list of people who may participate in this online
chat - http://wiki.gifteconomy.org/wiki/Lifestyle_Gift_Economists

I also started preparing to put up a new website, linking to resources
related to transitioning away from using money. For now I started slowly
gathering various links at temporary riseup group:

Recently I started visiting hackerspaces whenever I stay close to one. So
far I met people from das Labor (Bochum), muCCC (Munich), c-base (Berlin)
and now HSB (Brussel). Since I see information technology crucial for us in
this transition and that's my main practical specialization, I work on
making more contacts with hackers community =)

Ok maybe enough for now, we can talk more off this list and hopefully at
the Hackmeeting!

elf Pavlik


On Fri, 01 Oct 2010 22:51:12 +0200, MurDoK <murdok.lnx at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Pavlik.
> I've been reading your website (found through your e-mail domain) and I
> think it would be nice for people attending to Hackmeeting to meet you
> and that you told us about your experience since you stopped using money
> as well as your other current projects.
> As you may know, most people in Spain don't speak English but a great
> bunch of people attending to hackmeeting do. So, expect seminars in
> Spanish. It doesn't mean that you would feel uncomfortable. Hackmeeting
> is not only about seminars!
> I encourage you to come and give us a seminar (well, maybe the word
> 'seminar' is too polite... let's say instead talk/speech/discussion)
> about your personal projects [0]. It would be very interesting :)
> Regards.
> [0]
> sorry I couldn't find it in English, but it's short and easy to
> understand I hope if you use an automatic translator.
> On Fri, 2010-10-01 at 17:53 +0200, elf Pavlik wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like shortly to ask if as a person who can't understand or
>> spanish language, I can feel comfortable in participating in this
>> Hackmeeting?
>> website:
>> http://sindominio.net/hackmeeting/index.php?title=Portada
>> have all the information only in spanish language, at least as far as I
>> could say...
>> Wishing everyone well,
>> elf Pavlik
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