[hm] Muerte a telegram (matrix?)

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Jue Oct 19 20:57:00 CEST 2017

> servidor matrix
Salto todo el troleo y respondo rapido sobre lo que yo se de matrix
Amdocs y el Mo§§ad (porque creo que es importante saberlo).

# About matrix.org, forwarded from another list (thanks to them):



So matrix is funded by amdocs:

Amdocs is a publicly listed NYSE company that also acts a spy-arm for
the Israeli state, Isarel’s military, Israel’s government, and most
troubling of all, for Israeli’s intelligence service Mossad;


Israel’s Mossad have placed spies on US soil under the guise of Amdocs
employees at various US and Canadian offices working out of Amdocs’
offices under the illusion of Amdocs employees;

Amdocs shares any and all US & Canadian subscriber data with Israel’s
government and various spying entities;

China and other countries have kicked out Amdocs and their garbage
billing software because of these illicit activities;



ps. ademas matrix haces un montón de metadata desnecesarios

pero' si... la idea del projecto es muy chula!


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